About Us.

LiviasProducts.com officially debuted in 2015.  LiviasProducts.com  is owned and operated by LiviaRichmond, an on-line business entity (reg. 2012).  Livia’s Team is comprised by Livia, owner/‘envisioner’; Roe, The Analyst; Layne-Maria, The Artist; Anne, The Marketer; and Tracy, The Communicator/Photographer. Our team takes special pride in producing one-of-a-kind workable products that make you happy.

LiviasProducts.com line presents two Showcase Features: 

1: The Tooth-Shaped Cake Ring®.  


A multi-purpose patented innovation that produces the perfect tooth-shaped cake every-time.  No crumbly messes of cutting/positioning to make a tooth-shaped cake.  Product available only on-line; not in store locations.  'Two-in-One' versality.  Ideal for commercial/office/home events, i.e., the Happy Easter Rabbit or dinasour cake forms, or the tooth-shaped cake form for dental, tooth party, birthday & special occasion celebrations.

2: The Tooth Fairy Twins Greeting Card & Invitation©.

Designed to celebrate parties hosted by the Tooth Fairy Twins Eden & Aiden.

02-19 PNG TFT Greeting Card02-18-GOOD INVIT

See website video @liviasproducts.com>shop & video@LiviasProducts.com for ‘Imaginate-Decorate’ ideas & picto-images inspired by our Showcase Feature items.  Ideas are limitless –ad infinitum!

3.   Mug Cups & Greeting Cards©.




Disclaimer.  LiviaRichmond is dedicated to providing quality & safe products in accordance with regulatory directives (see manufacturer named below) & within the guidelines of common ethical responsibility    See Mugs & Cups on website that features additional mug cups & greeting cards, each unique in design.    

Copyright and Intellectual Property. LiviaRichmond, and other LiviaRichmond graphics, logos, designs, text scripts, icons are licensed, copyright-registered, patented proprietorship of LiviaRichmond within the U.S. and/or other countries.  Livia Richmond’s licenses, registered copyrights, and patents may not be used in the following manner:  1) The intermingling of part or parts of trademarks as part of or parts of domain names or email addresses; and 2) Any direct or indirect interconnection and/or appearance with any other product(s) or service(s) that is/are likely to cause infringement upon proprietary owners as set forth in U.S. intellectual property rights.

Manufacturer Address. For transparency purposes, the manufacturer address of the tooth-shaped cake ring is:  Lloyd Pans, 3808 Sullivan Rd., Spokane, WA  99216; Email:  www.lloydpans.com; Contact Nos (800)748-6251, ext 109; or (509)568-8691.

Refund Policy. Refund Policy for the procurer (the Buyer) via on-line sales is provided “as is” and without warranties of any kind, either express or implied.  Refund of monies from LiviaRichmond (the Seller) will be on damaged shipped products.  Inquiry must be made within 7 days of delivery, and must be accompanied by proof of shipping damages to receive refund of monies.

Contact.  LiviaRichmond may be contacted via email:  info@liviasproducts.com, or liviarichmond@aol.com

Proceeds to:  American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (ASPCA), 424 E. 92nd St., N.Y., N.Y. 10128-6804 (212.876.9700).